What We Do


TKH Enterprises Delivers Results

TKH Enterprises can help you reach your business goals. Whether you are trying to reach new markets or launch new products, TKH Enterprises has the tools and resources to enable you to achieve success.

The solutions we use help our clients develop and grow in new markets. We help you to reach new customers by connecting your brand to consumers and driving conversions.


  • Product and Service Sales
  • Field Sales and Marketing
  • Product Introductions
  • Side-by-Side Selling
  • Assisted Selling
  • Door-to-Door Selling
  • B2B Sales
  • Demonstrations and Sampling
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Special Events and Sales
  • Market and Competitive Insights


  • New Products
  • Promotional Execution
  • Store Audits
  • Inventory
  • Seasonal


  • Product
  • Sales
  • Merchandising
  • Certifications
  • Promotional
  • Dealer

Who We Are

At TKH Enterprises, we believe in developing people to create long term sustainable results for our clients. Whether you are trying to reach new markets or launch new products, we have the tools and people to enable you to achieve success.


How We Do It

TKH Enterprises combines the reach of sales representatives distributed from coast to coast with the expertise of national and local marketing professionals to deliver consistent direct marketing perfectly tailored to each individual region.



TKH Enterprises has an existing sales network that can scale to provide comprehensive market coverage per the needs of the client.


TKH Enterprises fosters a team-centric approach, understanding that everyone has special skills and talents that benefit the organization. We are constantly looking for Independent Sales Organizations to join our team, and benefit mutually from the resources and tools that we provide, as well as the resources the ISO brings to the table. We also help and encourage our sales representatives to create their own ISO, and enjoy the advantages of business ownership.


Whether a part of the TKH Enterprises organic team, or a member of one of the many ISO working with us, each sales representative is a part of the TKH Enterprises network. As such, each sales representative receives training, mentoring, and coaching, and benefits from the tools and resources at our network's disposal.